As Director of Sales and Marketing from April 1997 to June of 2008, Disruptive Ventures’ Chief Technologist Jerry Richardson supervised marketing for corporate divisions of Hand Industries, Inc. selling promotional products, aviation supplies and personalized apparel, creating sophisticated web sites for each.

Promotional Products (1998)

Transitioned from static-HTML to database-driven site using ColdFusion with Microsoft Access.

Used ColdFusion and DHTML to facilitate WYSIWYG editing of product designs.

Aviation Supplies (1998 – 2007)

  • Led project to develop and deploy web site, an on-line retailer of aviation supplies.
  • Negotiated a co-branded web store agreement with representatives of BP and Jeppese, now a division of Boeing, and supervised creation of the web store.


  • Created AvShop’s “AvShop Design” line of house-branded merchandise.
  • Redesigned AvShop’s retail trade show booth, tripling sales generated in that channel.
  • Supervised transition from a ColdFusion-based order management system to a Microsoft .Net infrastructure, tying into the corporate accounting system for real-time order status and product availability information.
  • Negotiated Usage Rights and Developed interface for AvShop’s “Aviation’s Best Software” CD-ROM using Macromedia Director. (2001)
  • Managed integration of databases, marketing and operational processes after acquisition of (2000)

  • In 2003, AvShop’s “Flying is Freedom” multi-channel brand strategy extend the AvShop experience into the offline space complementing its online presence.
  • A catalog marketing program, combined with increased media exposure and reduced use of price-based incentives, pushed the AvShop division to EBITDA profitability for the year while increasing top-line sales 40% over the previous year.

Conceived as a social network for pilots, also integrates an online logbook, photo sharing and chart subscription management capabilities., Inc. acquired AvShop, on March 22nd, 2007.

Personalized Apparel

Facilitating user-driven apparel design and the targeting of niche markets, the Custom Print, LLC family of web properties was centered on a templatable Ruby on Rails-based core. The interactive apparel designer was implemented in javascript to load quickly, with image manipulation tasks handed off for processing server-side in the background via AJAX.